Concrete Discs

Concrete Discs was formed in the early 1980's by the Calgary punk slash whatever-we-felt-like-playing band the Rip Chords. After we blew up and out (as was the time honoured tradition amongst bands of the 80s), the label floated in the ether until yours truly (drummer for the Rip Chords) absconded or rather reclaimed the name. I shined it up "real good" and have been using it as a freindly reminder of the past and as a cover for various projects since. Because I was the drummer in this particular punk band in the 80s, I feel I earned enough points to justify this theft from my former comardes in arms; Adele Leger, Kevin Lapchuk, Rod (Max) Brisson, and Richard McDowell. I don't imagine they'd care much anyway. So... it's mine you guys... until you want it back.

What is:

Music: Now - The new fresh stuff.

Music: Then - Recent or older music projects.

Sound Design - Works for theatre. A demo CD of my sound design and composition for theatre is available on request.

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