Warning: Sound

WARNING: SOUND is a re-imagining/re-mixing of my back catalogue of sound designs from 1989 to now.

WHY: WARNING: SOUND was part of the 2010 High Performance Rodeo.

WHERE: WARNING: SOUND was installed in the +15 level hallway connecting Calgary City Hall and the EPCOR Centre for the Arts.

The designs represented in WARNING: SOUND are: Beowulf, Old Trout Puppet Workshop; The History of Wild Theatre, One Yellow Rabbit; Closer, Edible Woman, Faraway, Boy Gets Girl, The Optimists, Show #2, Theatre Junction; Dig, The Photo Double, Venus, Ghost River Theatre; DeadRats In Hell, generic theatre; Mary's Wedding, Workshop West; Sherlock Holmes, MacBeth, Theatre Calgary; Lawrence & Holliman, Being Home With Claude, Blacklist Theatre; Pillowman, Ground Zero Theatre; Drowning Girls, The Syringa Tree, Alberta Theatre Projects.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the artists who have so graciously participated in these audio experiments: Brigitte Dajczer, The DeadRats, Onalea Gilbertson, Tim Koetting, Lands End Ensemble, Trevor Leigh, Jonathon Lewis, Dan Meichel, Brigitte von Rothemburg, Phillip Warren Sarsons, Vlad Sobolewski, Anne-Marie Timoney.

I’d also like to thank anyone I’ve ever heard.

For Dan.

-Peter Moller