Apart from my semi-normal life as a graphic artist and musician I also create sound for the theatre and have been the recipient of a number of awards and nominations: Theatre Junction’s Boy Gets Girl, Ghost River Theatre's Mesa and The Old Trout Puppet Workshop’s Beowulf, all receiving a Calgary Betty Award. A couple of Edmonton's Elizabeth Sterling Awards went to designs I created for Running with Scissors' Mom Dad I’m Living With A White Girl and Workshop West's Mesa.

Below are descriptions of the various samplings, compositions and designs available for your listening pleasure:

Download Files

  • 1. I’m Goin’ Away, DeadRats demo for DeadRats In Hell. generic theatre. 2003 Edmonton Fringe. DeadRats are Dave Clarke, Paul Morgan Donald, Vladimir Sobolewski, Peter Moller, Eileen Sproule, and Darcy, and sometimes Doug of Doug’s Place Autobody, but that’s another story.
  • 2. Closer by Patrick Marber. Theatre Junction. 2002. Directed by Mark Lawes with Shauna Burnett, Denis Fitzgerald, Jarvis Hall, and Meg Roe.
  • 3. Being Home With Claude. Blacklist Theatre. 2004. Directed by Sean Bowie, with Christian Goutsis and Trevor Leigh.
  • 4. Lawrence & Holloman by Morris Panych. Blacklist Theatre. 2002. Directed by Chris Hunt with Trevor Leigh and Curt McKinstry. I stole music from myself (is it still considered theft when you steal from yourself?) that I was using for a DeadRats project and dumped in the titles of the play and scenes for the lyrics instead.
  • 5. Glenn by David Young. Blacklist Theatre. 2004. Directed by Kevin McKendrick with Tim Koetting, Trevor Leigh, Philip Warren Sarsons and Evan Rothery.
  • 6. Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman. Theatre Junction. 2003. Directed by Kevin McKendrick with Elinor Holt, Tim Koetting, Ryan Luhning, and Valerie Planche.
  • 7. Beowulf  by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop. 2002. Directed by Coral Larsen Thew, with my favourite fellow freaks, Peter Balkwill, Bobby Hall, Steve Kenderes, Judd Palmer, Steve Pearce
  • 8. One Beautiful Fucker, by Kris Demeanor. From Sage Theatre’s Canadian Graffiti. 2001. Directed by Rob Mofatt. This is the show where I met Kris Demeanor. I was doing the sound design and he was attempting the acting thing. After the show finished he drugged and enslaved me as the drummer for Kris Demeanor and his Crack Band. Life’s like that.
  • 9. Venus, by Doug Curtis. Ghost River Theatre. 2000. Directed by Eileen Sproule with Kira Bradley, Dave Clarke, Annie Dugan, and John Ullyatt.
  • 10. The Optimists, by Morwyn Brebner. Theatre Junction. 2004. Directed by Eda Holmes with Lindsay Burns, Ryan Luhning, Doug McKeag and Adrienne Smook.
  • 11. LSD, by Peter Moller. DeadRats demo for DeadRats  In Hell. Generic theatre. 2003 Edmonton Fringe.
  • 12. Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicote. Workshop West (Edmonton). 2002. Directed by Ron Jenkins with Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn.
  • 13. Holmes, by William Gillette & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Adapted By Stephen Massicotte & Ian Prinsloo. Theatre Calgary. 2004. Directed by Ian Prinsloo with Eric Nyland, Curt McKinstry, Jamie Konchak and Blair Williams. These are basically the sketches I put together for the show. A lot of these elements made it into the final design, but I think these are fun to listen to. My pal Brigitte Dajczer (Calgary’s Rembetika Hipsters) plays the violin. Trevor Leigh is the guy reading and the wacky piano stuff at the very end is by Philip Warren Sarsons. I recorded him in a hallway jammed with about 15 upright pianos while we let off a little steam during Glenn rehearsals at the Banff Centre
  • 14. Compilation from Lawrence and Holliman. See #4.
  • 15. The Good Life by Daniel Brooks. Theatre Junction. 2003. Directed by Kevin McKendrick with Shauna Baird , Brian Jensen, Duncan Ollerenshaw and Valerie Planche.
  • 16. Mesa by Doug Curtis. Ghost River Theatre. 2000. Directed by Any Curtis with Chris Hunt and Doug Curtis. Everybody and his sister had a hand in the sound on this one. Lester Quitzau, Andy Graffiti, Marshall Hopkins and yours truly.
  • 17. Lig & Bittle by Elyne Quan and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbul. 2003. Quest Theatre.
  • 18. Ratscommercial. From DeadRats Rarities. CD. 2004 *A free download of all the Rats albums are available under "Music Then" at the top menu.
  • 19. DeadRats Hidden Track. From DeadRats in Garageland. CD. 2000.*A free download of all the Rats albums are available under "Music Then" at the top menu.
  • 20. The Photo Double, by Doug Curtis. Date. Ghost River Theatre. 2002. Directed by Blake Brooker with Doug Curtis.
  • 21. Pillowman, opening cue, Ground Zero Theatre. Violin, Brigitte Dajczer, directed by Kevin McKendrick. March 8 - 25, 2007 at the Vertigo Theatre. Sub menu: Pillowman, Katurian death cue, Ground Zero Theatre. Violin, Brigitte Dajczer. directed by Kevin McKendrick, March 8 - 25, 2007 at the Vertigo Theatre.
  • 22. A&W Mix, from Show#2, Theatre Junction, 2007.
  • 23. Dig, opening cue. Ghost River Theatre. Written by Glenda Sterling, directed by Vanessa Porteus, Apr. 26 - May 7, 2006 at the Vertigo Studio.
  • 24. Drowning Girls, opening cue. Alberta Theatre Projects. directed by Charlie Tomlinson. March 2008.
  • 25. Faraway, opening cue. Theatre Junction. Written by Caryl Churchill, directed by Kevin McKendrick, March-April 2006 at the Grand Theatre.