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The Responsibilities of Evolution


I've released anew album of songs titled The Responsibilities Of Evolution. Some of my musical pals involved in this project include Mark Bandola, Kris Demeanor + His Crack Band, Dave Clark, Carolyn Mark, Brigitte Dajczer, and Lyle Pisio.

The whole story and a link to purchase the CD are HERE

One video and three songs offered up as a sampling:

1. PRETEND - With Kris Demeanor, Chantal Vitalis & Di Kooch

WATCH: a video of the demo for Pretend originally created for Theatre Junction.

2. DEVOTION - With Brigitte Dajczer (violin) & Lyle Pisio (sax)

3. GRAVITY - With Dave Clark on flute & tamborine and Lyle Pisio on sax.

All songs written by Peter Moller © SOCAN

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Warning: Sound

WARNING: SOUND was developed as an audio installation for One Yellow Rabbit’s 2010 High Performance Rodeo. It’s a re-imagining/re-mixing of theatre sound designs that I’ve created over the past 20 years. The 53 minute downloadable CD (available on the right) is an edited version of the 1 hour 45 minute installation.

The designs sampled are from the following shows: Beowulf, Old Trout Puppet Workshop; The History of Wild Theatre, One Yellow Rabbit; Closer, Edible Woman, Faraway, Boy Gets Girl, The Optimists, Show #2, Theatre Junction; Dig, The Photo Double, Ghost River Theatre; DeadRats In Hell, generic theatre; Mary's Wedding, Workshop West; Sherlock Holmes, MacBeth, Theatre Calgary; Lawrence & Holliman, Being at Home with Claude, Blacklist Theatre; Pillowman, Ground Zero Theatre; Drowning Girls, The Syringa Tree, Alberta Theatre Projects.

Some of the many artists involved in this creation: Brigitte Dajczer, The DeadRats, Onalea Gilbertson, Tim Koetting, Lands End Ensemble, Trevor Leigh, Jonathan Lewis, Dan Meichel, Meg Roe, Brigitte von Rothemburg, Phillip Warren-Sarsons, Vlad Sobolewski, and Anne–Marie Timoney. For those I may have missed, sorry, but you know who you are!

–Peter Moller, December 2009.

Warning: Sound